Thursday, May 22, 2008

ေဒးဒရဲ အသြား ျမင္ကြင္းမ်ား

ေဒးဒရဲ အသြား ျမင္ကြင္းမ်ား
မိုးမခ၊ ဓာတ္ပုံသတင္း

ေမ ၂၃၊ ၂၀၀၈

Still at 20th May 2008, in Delta area, bodies were found still floating

Burmese Film villains in movies but outside, Heroes at heart helping Burmese

Burmese Refugees showing how much they thanked the volunteers and relief helps
(Before 2nd May 2008, they had their own home, family and friends but after the storm, they were left with nothing but at the charity of concerned Burmese citizens and the World ... Please do not wait ... Save Lives and Save Burma ...)

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